5th Pepsi Music Chart Awards

Source: Sina
Credit: AV Album of Memories

The Abstract: Vicki’s Gradually and Rainy Sunday won top 10 and Vicki herself won “Most Popular Female Singer” award, whose presenter was Alec Su You Peng. Much to fans’ disappointment, however, Vicki was not present on this glorious night. But don’t be sad for too long as excited Mr. Su received the award on her behalf. 😉 A video clip is available within our newsclips section, and the transcript is translated below by Fettfur:

Alec: The award we’re about to present is the Mainland China Most Popular Male/Female Singer. Actually the Taiwan and Hong Kong Most Popular Male/Female Singer awards have just been given out, and they left out an important point, which is that the judging for this category is 80% fan voting and 20% expert evaluation.

Bingbing: Expert evaluation is for the most part the expression of the fans’ heart-felt sentiments, and it’s all in this envelope.

Alec: So the award in my hands is one that can reflect the fans’ favourite singers.

Bingbing: So this one is more special. Don’t look at the screen, all the decisions are in our envelope. Mainland Most Popular Male/Female Singer-

Alec: The winning Male Singer is…

Bingbing: Wa!

Alec: Sun Nan.

Bingbing: The Female Singer is…

Both: Vicki Zhao.

Alec: In that case I’ll help Vicki take her award, no matter what/at any rate we have a bit of a relation… Right, both of us will accept this award on Vicki’s behalf, thank you everyone. (laughs and hands it to the representative)

Representative: I’m sorry, I’ll explain to everybody, Miss Vicki Zhao is absent because of work commitments. She’s extremely grateful to all the fans for their support, and I thank everyone for their support of the record company as well.

Backstage Interview

Host: How do you feel about presenting an award together?

Bingbing: Haven’t seen his bald head in many years.

Host: Wu A Ge (Fifth Prince) and Jinsuo.

Alec: You’ve got it mixed up, it’s Wu A Ge and Xiao Yanzi.


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