Vicki Zhao instigated assault? Alec Su: Not very likely

Credit: AV Album of Memories

Facing recent rumours of celebrity Vicki Zhao instigating her chauffeur to assault someone and her consumption of drugs, Alec Su, who has previously cooperated with Vicki, instictively felt that it was not very likely. Alec said, “Actually I haven’t met Vicki for two years; even the opening of her pub, I only heard of through others. But as for the matter of her consuming drugs and instigating someone to hit a pregnant woman, I feel that it’s not very likely.”


8 thoughts on “Vicki Zhao instigated assault? Alec Su: Not very likely

  1. lingling says:

    are you kidding me??!! she’s not crazy… and definitely not stupid!! she wouldn’t dig her on grave… asian medias are getting out of control… and showing their stupidity

  2. DavidJT says:

    You stupid people, why can’t you just leave her alone, from any points of views I know the a good person, and stupid B*tch who publish Vicki in Japan military flag, do back off biyatch, she wants Vicki to look bad in the public, but remember, none of good person in this world who do something bad to other.

    Vicki Zhou and Alec Su is the best…

  3. Rima says:

    Aq tidak percaya dan bener banget yang dikatakan Alec Su, Vicky tidak mungkin melakukan hal seperti itu! Vicky sangatlah baik!!!!! i love u……….

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