Alec on Cover Story

Credit: AV Album of Memories

Host: There’s some info that you hope your girlfriend will be a Piscean, why?
Alec: Right, I feel they’re very gentle! Pisceans all have a certain water-like quality.
Host:…Have you dated a Piscean girl before?
Alec: [ponders for a while] No!
Host: ‘No’, and you still have to think for so long…I feel that you haven’t been speaking to me sincerely today!
Alec: I have! I’m still not sincere?!
Host: I’m angry now! [repeats question severely] Have you dated a Piscean girl?
Alec: No la! It shouldn’t be counted! [both laugh])

*TkN: Alec’s last phrase sounds suspicious. Does he mean he wasn’t sure whether or not “it” was a date?


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