Ruby Lin Replaces Vicki Zhao

Credit: AV Album of Memories

Are the repercussions of the ‘(Japanese) military flag’ incident never-ending? ‘Magician’ changes cast at last minute; Vicki Zhao is not fated with Kangta.

Previously under the influence of Korean star Lee Seung-yeon’s ‘comfort woman’ incident, the matter of Vicki Zhao, who had once mistakenly worn the ‘military flag’, was dug up again, and it was rumoured that her popularity in Korea fell as a result. However later there was news that under heavy pressure, Vicki was planning to accept a China-Korea collaboration starring opposite Korean singer Kangta. Yesterday when this reporter called up a certain member of the production team, we unexpectedly learnt that due to considerations of the effect of the ‘military flag’ incident, the original female lead Vicki Zhao was eventually replaced by Ruby Lin and thus is not fated to ‘hold hands’ with Kangta.

During the phonecall, this member of staff revealed that this China-Korea collaboration on a TV serial is named ‘Magician’ and is a classic modern city romance. Besides Kangta, the male leads include popular idol Alec Su. The first female lead they invited was Vicki Zhao, and her manager Chen Rong had once expressed to the media that it was a good opportunity for her to collaborate with Korea, and moreover this was also a form of affirmation for the pressured Vicki. But unexpectedly she still lost this role and was replaced by Huan Zhu Ge Ge co-star Ruby Lin. As for the reason behind the replacement, under the condition of anonymity, he/she said that it was mainly because the ‘military flag’ incident had affected her popularity in Korea and as a result the investors decided on the last-minute replacement.

This employee further revealed that Alec Su had previously hinted at this to the media; at that time Alec had said that he was going to film a new show called ‘Magician’ with Ruby Lin and Kangta, and for this reason he had even begun learning magic tricks and would also have to cut his long hair.

Would this replacement incident affect the relationship between Vicki Zhao and Ruby Lin? Regarding this, Ruby Lin’s manager commented, “The two of them each have their own reigning worlds; Vicki is filming movies, and Ruby is accepting TV serials, both their statuses are very stable. It shouldn’t affect their relationship right?”

[In a subsequent report Vicki and her manager dismissed this report as completely untrue; the serial she will be filming is an entirely different one entitled ‘November Rain’]


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