Accounts of meeting Vicki at the Shanghai premiere of My Dream Girl

Credit: AV Album of Memories

Hearing that Vicki was heading to Shanghai to promote My Dream Girl, Xu Wei and I began planning. As Vicki would be having four meet-the-fans sessions on this visit, we had to first resolve which to attend, thus we made a call to the four movie theatres. Speaking of this, it is quite coincidental that I’ve heard Alec will be making a trip to Mainland China as well, which just makes this meeting more special, so we decided on attending the last 9PM session. Since that was settled, I rushed over to the nearby Guo Tai theatre on the 9th, and after explaining my reasons to the manager, he agreed to our request to present flowers and gifts.

On the afternoon of the 10th, Xu Wei and I arranged to purchase gifts for Vicki, but the question of the choice of gifts left us racking our brains for some time. We decided on a bouquet of flowers named ‘Winning the empty heart’ comprised of 10 sunflowers and 10 lilies (because Alec once said Vicki is like a sunflower) and hurried to the florist to order the flowers. Subsequently Xu Wei ran over to the CD shop to buy a copy of Alec’s Zui Ai album (didn’t Vicki once say that she hasn’t had a good chat with Alec for 2-3 years? I’m giving her his new album to remind her of this old friend), wrapped it in paper printed with roses and placed it in a little red box, along with 3 essays written by Xuang Xi and sister Yun, and the stuff that Xiao Mi and I wanted to pass to Vicki. We wanted to get sunflower scent [I think it’s the scented stuff you use for aromatherapy?] as well, however it was out of stock and upon discussion we bought a matching pair of astrological sign mugs, Virgo and Pisces [AV’s astrological signs] and headed to the theatre.

When we arrived alongside Vicki and Xu Wei presented her the sunflowers, she appeared to be surprised and repeatedly thanked us. I went on to pass the gifts to Vicki and told her, “Sorry Vicki, my throat suddenly became sore today – these are the gifts Wo Ai Xiao Mi and Pei Pei asked me to pass to you.” Xu Wei swiftly added, “Yeah, friends from elsewhere asked me to give them to you.” After hearing that, Vicki smilingly said to Xu Wei, “Then let’s shake hands~” (when I heard this line I was stunned because this was what Alec told me when I sent him off) Xu Wei was so excited after hearing that, shaking Vicki’s hand time and again; I was extremely jealous standing beside them. Vicki was holding both the flowers and the gifts in her hands then, and Xu Wei actually wanted to quietly ask her about Alec, but on second thought deduced that it wouldn’t be nice to do that on their first meeting!

Once Vicki left, a substantial number of the audience slipped away, but according to our experience in chasing Alec, we rushed outside. True enough, Vicki was still at the doorway. The flowers were gone, supposedly in Su Qiaolian’s hands, but the gift was still there. Xu Wei and I observed her from a distance; Qiaolian was with her and was carrying our present. When Vicki got into the vehicle, Xu Wei shouted, “Vicki, don’t forget to look at the present!” Surprisingly Vicki replied to me loudly, “I know, I’m looking at it now!” and the car drove off.

P.S. Xu Wei asked if they could send her off, and Vicki responded with Alec’s often-used phrase, that it was arranged by the company and she wasn’t clear herself.


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