Alec Meets Vicki's Professor

Credit: AV Album of Memories

No one expected the immense popularity of HZGG, “At that time Qiong Yao was actually on the path downwards, this serial was also delayed for some time before airing in Taiwan. After filming HZGG II, Zhao Wei one day secretly called to say she was bringing a friend over. I asked her whether it was her boyfriend, and she said no. It was only after they arrived that I realized it was Su Youpeng.”

It turned out that Su Youpeng was very envious of the fact that Zhao Wei could study at the Beijing Film University, and hoped to meet a teacher from there through her. “I didn’t know then that he was a popular young Taiwanese idol. He was extremely busy after that, accepting film after film, ultimately never having the opportunity to take advanced courses.”

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Zhao Wei’s love life also caused Professor Cui worry, “Like her ex-boyfriend Ye Maoqing – I never had a good impression of him. Once he came to the classroom, and at first sight I assumed that he was a student from Japan or Korea with his gold hair. Hmph! Once she also brought Su Youpeng to see me, I thought he was her boyfriend, and learnt only later that he wanted me to be his teacher.”


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