Zhao Wei is like a Bottle of Perfume

Credit: AV Album of Memories

“I’ve always yearned for simple romance, both the partner and the dating process being simple/pure. Like that bottle of perfume (lifts another similarly simply-designed bottle of perfume, spraying a little on my hand) – the bottle is simple, the scent light, but relatively lasting.”

“How about Zhao Wei? When rumors spread regarding the both of you, was it because she was a simple/innocent girl?” This simple question caused Su You Peng to deny it with animated gesticulations, “No, she’s definitely an extremely intelligent girl, don’t be misled by her appearance.” Thereafter he pondered deeply for a long time, his expression becoming slightly desolate, as if there were a multitude of issues in his heart, somewhat out of sorts. He seemingly didn’t hear the reporter’s subsequent questions.

Upon regaining his composure, Su You Peng made an analogy: She is like this bottle of perfume, appearing simple enough outwardly, but the scent within is strong to the extent of being slightly jarring to the nose.


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