Zhao Wei influenced me

Credit: AV Album of Memories

Reporter – You once said: The person who affected your acting most is Vicki Zhao; what influence has she had on you?

Alec – I’ve acknowledged her talent for acting all along. As her existing achievements are too high, everyone will position her fixedly at this particular point and neglect her growth, which is not fair. Think about it, if someone else were to act as Xiao Yanzi, will she be as outstanding? It’s hard to say. Of course I feel that since she comes from a (film) school, she’ll have a certain comprehension and adaption ability, or methods to support a character, but when she’s acting, she’ll often break away from convention. It’s not only what she picks up from her education; she’ll have her own way of comprehension. This is the reason that she’s become Vicki Zhao, and the reason she influences me. She’s very bold, very daring in acting or performing methods, not sticking to conventions. She won’t cause her profession to be fuzzy/unclear.


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