Alec on Music Happenings III

Credit: AV Album of Memories

Host 1: There are a few extremely important women in his life, around 3. One is Ruby Lin, another Zhao Wei, and recently, Alyssa Chia. Who are you with now?

Alec: Now? None, they’re all not mine.

Host 2: All not yours?

Alec: Yeah. Wasn’t there some sensational news about them recently? (alluding to their love rumours) [pause] I’m averting your attention! [laughter]

Host 2: It’s odd. All these female stars have acted opposite you and created sparks, which is why the newspapers have reported it, so why are you giving them up to others now?

Host 1: Isn’t there anyone who’s close to the type (of girls) you like?

Alec: When we’re filming we’re all on pretty good terms, because when you immerse yourself in a role you’ll more or less have some reaction of true feelings, so when you’re filming…you quite like them. But after completing the filming there’s no appropriate conditions to develop further. For example when you’re posted to another filming group you don’t see one another, then…like Zhao Wei, I haven’t contacted her for a long time.

Host 1: Zhao Wei?…You’re not acting in HZGG 3-

Alec: She’s not in it too.

Host 2: Maybe she didn’t want to act in it because you weren’t going to! Because the partner isn’t there [Alec is grinning through all of this]

Host 1: Because you love Alyssa Chia now she doesn’t want to be the third party.

Host 2: Right, right, right! After hearing of the rumours between you and Alyssa Chia she went, “Forget it!”

Alec: No la. Like you said the media often tends to write about gossipy stuff, sometimes when the show is about to air -it’s easy for love rumours to land a large article space- so the production team will decide to cook up some rumours regarding the leads as a means of promotion. We actors don’t really have a choice at times – it’s not that fantastic, I don’t get a new girlfriend with every show!

Host 2: Really?

Host 1: Regardless of whether there’s a romance, there’s definitely [makes a kissing gesture]… Those kind of scenes!

Host 2: When the line between reality and fantasy is blurred…

Host 2: And bed scenes. Whose (lips) feel the best?

Alec: Actually- [looking quite embarrassed]

Host 1: Whose are softer…?

Host 2: You have to say.

Alec: It should be a beautiful thing, because the setting of the kiss scene will certainly be very romantic for you to want to kiss, but in reality when you film these romance films, they love to have kissing and hugging in the rain, especially at night – it’s like a scene from a comic book, so romantic. But it’s terrible when you’re filming it…(and he goes prattling on about the difficulties of filming, successfully evading the question!)


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