TVB E-News

Credit: AV Album of Memories

Host: Do you really get into the character, to the extent of falling in love with someone?

Riceball (co-host who is presented as an animated riceball): Yup, yup, he did in the past.

Host: Who did he fall in love with?

Riceball: Wasn’t it Xiao Yanzi and Ziwei?

Alec: Xiao Yanzi has flown away.

Riceball: How about Ziwei?

Alec: Ziwei has bloomed.

Alec: Have you got it wrong? Ziwei is my sister! You’re done for, Qiong Yao will beat you up.

Riceball: Sorry, sorry, I’ve got it.

Host: How disobedient. Now we have to thank Youpeng Ge Ge for appearing on our program and hope that your album will sell well.

Alec: My new song is Xue Lai De Shi Hou, please lend your support, thank you!

Host: Let’s take a break now. When we return we’ll have news on TV San Jian Ke. Thank you Youpeng Ge!

Alec: Thank you, bye bye!


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