Golden Eagle Festival Interview

Credit: AV Album of Memories

Host: Do you still keep in contact with Zhao Wei?

Alec: I still have some contact with her, but not as often as when we were filming.

Host: What do you think of Zhao Wei and Lin Xinru’s roles in their films? Is it that Zhao Wei is more lively, and Lin Xinru more demure?

Alec: Zhao Wei ya! She was more youthful in the past. Now she has more mature charm/appeal, thus is more pleasant to be around.

Host: Let’s not talk about rumours now. What really is your relationship with Zhao Wei?

Alec: Just normal friends.

Host: Everyone has always been very curious. You and her…? This needs to be explained clearly to everyone.

Alec: (the camera focuses on Alec; he speaks seriously) Zhao Wei and I are platonic friends.


2 thoughts on “Golden Eagle Festival Interview

  1. Keisha says:

    Hmm.. platonic? is that how Alec describe his relationship with Vicki? *AHA*.. I know..I know..that is hope ..that is hope.. 🙂

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